By emailing me your request with as much info as you can: name, race, age, hair & skin color, reference images you might have for poses, clothes, weapon, anything really. With this info I will be able to sketch out what you are asking for. I will have the sketch delivered to you and if it’s to your liking I’ll send the invoice for full payment via paypal.  I’ll need somewhere between a few days or a week to complete your painting, depending on what you asked for.  I’ll send work in progress shots if you ask for them. You may ask for additional small fixes and changes, no charge. It is in my interest that your request be as good as you’re hoping <3

If you ask for a video speed paint, it will not affect the price, but I’ll need more time to complete your commission. Gifs are simpler so all you need is ask! I also sometimes do these of my own free will, since in all honesty, it’s fun making them. I may be posting your commission in my portfolio, if you allow it. Your image is your image and you may do with it as you please. Feel free to ask for transparent images, as well as cropped versions, or anything else, I’ll be happy to help!

Prices aren’t final due to requests being variable and I’m open to making a specific deal for your specific need ^^ so email me at  
All commission earnings are going to upgrading my working equipment like my PC, my drawing tablet,  better table,  chair <3  Gosh I need a bigger desk and a chair that doesn’t squeak every time I move…